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My name is Jallyce Baughman and I am a World Language teacher at Sunrise Middle School.  I have been teaching here since 2010.  I am also the head volleyball coach, head basketball coach, and head girl's track coach.  I grew up in Alliance, NE and attended UNK for my initial teaching degree.  I have a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and an additional Master's Degree in Educational Administration.  


Here are the courses that I teach at Sunrise:
6th grade Spanish Passports: This class explores the languages of Spanish-speakers worldwide. Students will participate in fun hands on learning activities that will get them using the language and learning about the people and countries who speak it.  
7th grade Language Discovery: Students will be introduced to various languages and cultures around the world. Some of the languages students will cover are: German, French, English dialects, Mandarin, Japanese, and Italian. Students will be involved in a variety of learning activities and will be introduced to the importance of acknowledging other languages and cultures.
8th grade Spanish: Spanish I is the equivalent to Spanish I at the high school. Level I is an important first step in second language acquisition. Students will learn basic knowledge of the language through listening, speaking, reading, and writing. An integrated, hands-on curriculum is used to introduce vocabulary and sentence structure necessary in building beginning conversational skills. The course also emphasizes the study of Hispanic countries, customs and cultures.